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In Memoriam 

Father Christian Mondor

Fr. Christian Mondor, OFM has passed from this world to the next. He loved life to the fullest and the people to whom he ministered, fighting to stay with them until the very end on 25 April 2018, two days before his 93rd birthday. He died with vision of mind and body unabated and with the holy oils of Mother Church still wet upon his forehead. His final words were, “Keep working.” He was, from first to last, a Franciscan priest and a man of God. May he rest in peace.


Ralph Bauer

Ralph Bauer is survived by his wife, Charlene, his children Eric and his wife
Frances, Elaine Keeley and her husband Mike as well as five grandchildren
and their families and two great-grandchildren. Moreso, Ralph Bauer is
survived by a community, who appreciated him and his wife for their
lifetime of caring enough to match solutions with issues, answers to questions,
leadership to need and insight to dilemmas. 
Thank you, Ralph Bauer for serving your family, community, friends,
fellowman and woman and nation, so profoundly well and unselfishly.


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